About Us

Lori Sullivan, Lead Stager & Photographer

Both artful and analytical, Lori Sullivan drives engagement and sales by inviting prospective residents to imagine themselves in the spaces she stages. Her 10+ years experience in marketing, design, and real estate ensure a thoughtful, effective approach in her styling solutions.

Lori is also our real estate photography specialist and has been approved by the local multiple listing service here in the Greater-Seattle market.

Lori is your resident expert in successfully staging communities and apartments for rapid engagement and sales:

  • Community review & analysis
  • Customized staging & photography plans
  • Researching, sourcing, procuring, and installing furnishings & décor
  • Scalable solutions for time & budget
  • Photography that supports advertising & marketing initiatives
Head-shot-Lori-lead stager
Lori Sullivan

“Model unit staging is not just about good design. It is all about marketing and remaining consistent with brand and goals. I enjoy looking at the whole community and devising styling solutions that enable properties to showcase their amenities and living environments consistent with their goals. When done properly, the way we do it, it sells apartments!”

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