Community Development

Strategic Solutions for the Greatest Impact

Don’t let your community overlook the most critical step when considering any capital improvements or new developments. This is not about trend-hopping and hoping. Community development weaves visioning, analysis, positioning, short-term gains, and long-term results. S|365 guides you through a strategic planning process and develops clear roadmaps to goals:

  • Synthesize data & findings to inform decisions and set the foundation for development
  • Support capital campaign development, including assembling teams and resources, campaign focus and positioning, and ways to connect to the community at large to raise the capital needed to underwrite your projects
  • Refine, package, and integrate your brand with your development goals, resulting in cohesive outcomes
  • Partner with sales teams to leverage proven occupancy & growth strategies
fewer days vacated

50% fewer days

from vacated to occupied

client satisfactions


client satisfaction

Services Community Development
Services Community Development