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Our Process: Consulting

Part three in our series about our approach & process, today S|365 Consulting + Design delves into its consulting process.

Hand holding pen, writing on construction documentsFollowing quote approval for a program recommendation of a consulting solution track, we get to work!

Our consulting services provide guidance in community development supporting you through a strategic planning process and developing clear roadmaps to goals.

This may also include process optimization, where we guide you on ways to streamline systems & processes across all teams when undertaking community improvements.

Elderly ManStep #1: We build a collaborative project team. We assign a dedicated project manager & team to your facility for fluid workflow.

Step #2: We establish a program structure, setting timelines, tasks, and phases with your team.

Step #3: We work with you on procuring relevant information and data sets for a detailed data analysis.laptops

Step #4: We develop & deliver your clear roadmap, a strategic plan for undertaking community development and process improvements.

Our consulting services are a cost-effective way to devise a clear pathway for your teams to take action & achieve community growth goals.

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