Green Design - Materials and Considerations: reclaimed wood used on wall

S|365 Designer Lab: Green Design – Materials and Considerations

S|365 strives to promote and design with green building materials. Today, we share considerations to keep top of mind when sourcing and planning for projects.

Think sustainability first.

Look for materials that reduce waste & demand on ecosystems during their life cycle.

Use environmentally preferable materials (ISO 14000 labels) = less impact on environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce need for virgin materials = reuse or repurpose materials within a design.

Salvage wood, bricks & steel in projects.

Look for content with post-consumer materials (recycled paper, plastic, glass, aluminum)

Source locally.

Use products made regionally within 500 miles = less transportation, less emission pollution.

Support local economies.

Mind the resources.

Protect indoor air quality = use zero to low VOC flooring and paints.

Buy ENERGY STAR certified appliances = energy efficient, reduce waste.

Leverage natural light via daylighting = reducing energy demand for artificial lighting.

These ideas are only a glimpse into green materials and considerations. We all play a part in building greener, more sustainable environments.

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