S|365 Designer Lab – Materials & Finishes: Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings provide more than pretty design accents. Learn more in today’s S|365 Designer Lab, featuring insights from leading wallcoverings company, MDC Interior Solutions.

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Think about function, performance, make & aesthetics.

What areas are you considering & why?

How durable does the product need to be?

Is the material NSF 342 certified & recyclable?

What design impact do you want to create?


Determine which type of wallcovering solution is best for each project area.


vinyl type 2Install Vinyl Type II in corridors, lobby spaces & public restrooms.

Resistant to knocks, abrasion, and cracking.

Lasts 5X longer than paint.

Low maintenance, soap/water or bleach cleanable.

Countless colors, patterns & textures.

high-performance textile Install high-performance textile in common areas, offices & partitions.

Stain resistant, high tear & tensile strength =durable.

Includes sound-reduction qualities.

High recycled content & comes VOC-free.

Natural, soft textures for tactile interest.

DuratecInstall Duratec in high-traffic common areas, corridors & health-care zones.

Withstands abrasions, stains, scratches & chemical exposures.

Wear-proof = 10x heavier & protects against collision impact.

Low maintenance, soap/water or any disinfecting solutions

63 color & pattern combinations.

Handcrafted wall paperInstall handcrafted in common areas & corridors.

100% customizable & made to order, 30-yard min.

Infinite possibilities for performance & durability.

Luxurious with high-design impact.

Wallcoverings go well beyond pretty design. They provide cost-effective protection for walls, enhance wellness, and are incredibly low maintenance for long-term lasting results & value.


Special thank you to our guest contributor, Morgan Levien with MDC Interior Solutions!