Sales tools for apartments: loose design materials for making selections

Sales Tools: Units & Apartments

There are many ways S|365 can support community sales & marketing teams in selling renovated units and design features to prospects and new residents.

S|365 collaborates with you on your sales & marketing process for new units by providing the sales tools and materials you need to succeed.

New residents are attracted to use of space & flow, requiring sales teams to effectively communicate what one can expect. S|365 provides floor plans for both marketing & contract conversations.

For standardized materials, a popular request is to design sales boards showcasing materials & themes.


When customized units are a key sales driver, S|365 provides you with a library of pre-vetted loose materials to mix & match in creating unique, yet cohesive living environments.

Full colored 3-D renderings are a great way to help prospects fully visualize a space with them living in it. Here’s an example of how S|365 supported a community-wide open house event at The Kenney.


When you have a sales & marketing need to support design projects or a future vision, you can count on S|365 to create and guide you in selecting the best tools & resources in driving successful conversations that convert prospects to residents. Connect with us today!