S|365 Consulting + Design Registered WA State Business

S|365 Consulting + Design is a Registered Business for Washington Public Agencies

SEATTLE, WA – April 9, 2021 – S|365 Consulting + Design is now recognized as a registered business for Washington Public Agencies, enabling it to contribute to small public works and consulting projects for more than 500 agencies throughout the greater Puget Sound area, including Seattle Housing Authority and Seattle International District Preservation and Development Authority, among others.

“Making a difference in our communities and infrastructure matters,” said CEO Karen Pfeiffer Bush. “As a registered business for Washington Public Agencies, S|365 Consulting + Design can better position itself as a growing leader in the development of housing solutions for our region and increase our reach to organizations that can truly benefit from our expertise.”

S|365 Consulting + Design is dedicated to the improvement of senior living, community, and multi-family housing environments and operations, providing consulting services addressing community development and renovation; process and systems; interior design and planning; and resident onboarding insights.

About S|365 Consulting + Design (S|365)
Partnering with realtors, developers, non-profit organizations, and communities since 2005, S|365 Consulting + Design is a Seattle-based consultancy and interior design firm specializing in senior living, community housing, and multi-family solutions. Guided by a collaborative process and exceptional service, S|365 brings fully integrated strategic design solutions and vision to the development and renovation of spaces and daily operations, leading to increased occupancy, fluid processes, and sustainable outcomes. www.s365cd.com.

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