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S|365 Designer Lab – Materials & Finishes: Flooring

We’re kicking-off a new series, devoting the remainder of the year to exploring materials & finishes…from selection to installation. Why? Because there are SO MANY to consider for your projects! Today, we share flooring insights from our fabulous partners at Legacy Group.

Start evaluating the basics: function, maintenance, safety & make.

What areas require updating & why?

How easy is a material to repair, replace & maintain

Do you need acoustic or non-slip properties?

Is the material antimicrobial? Can it be recycled?

Which flooring is best for the project areas?

Flooring Types

Install broadloom carpet in common areas & high-traffic corridors.

broadloom carpetModerate maintenance with more involved repair/replacement.

More backing options = better acoustics & resiliency.

Antimicrobial potential & moisture resistant barrier options.

Install carpet tiles in common areas & offices.

carpet tilesCan easily repair/replace individual tiles.

Soft, sound absorbing product, with the option for cushion backing.

High recycled content & ability to be recycled after use – including backing.

Install Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in common areas & wet zones.

Durable, Low maintenance, easy clean & repair.

Smooth surface, NO grout joints with slip resistance ratings.

Thicker products offer Seamless transitions to carpet.

Typically, not recyclable.

Install ceramic tile in lobby, kitchen & restroom areas.ceramic tile Durable & easy wipe-down maintenance, but difficult to repair/replace.

Utilize smaller sizes/formats to increase grout joints for less slip potential.

Thicker products offer Seamless transitions to carpet.

Typically, not recyclable.

Ask the right questions in the beginning to get the beautiful, lasting results you want in the end!

flooring types

Special thank you to our guest contributor, Chris Grove with Legacy Group!