Wayfinding signage: example of a room sign. The Forge on Broadway by OtherWisz Creative.

S|365 Designer Lab: Wayfinding Signage

Have you ever stepped inside a building, but immediately felt lost, questioned if you arrived at the correct entrance, or simply didn’t know where to go? Wayfinding signage is the perfect solution.

What is Wayfinding?

Systems that guide people through a physical environment & enhance their understanding and experience of the space.

Complex environments need visual cues & signage such as maps, directions, symbols, and color to help guide people to their destinations within. ­

Wayfinding in Practice: The Forge on Broadway by OtherWisz Creative.

OtherWisz managed the production, delivery & installation of all graphics and signage for The Forge on Broadway in Buffalo, NY.

Main feature walls create dynamic entryways & sense of place.

Attractive hallway graphics appear throughout & help make it easier to navigate the 158-unit complex.

OtherWisz correlated the murals to different areas – each floor was assigned one part of the color palette. This detail improves the wayfinding experience, helping people better find where they need to go.






OtherWisz produced 353 interior signs: directional signage, room numbers, specialty room signs, emergency & instructional signs. Signs were designed to be easily read, tactile & ADA compliant.

Consider enhancing your environment with a clear wayfinding strategy and approach. Your patrons will certainly appreciate it!

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