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Jacquelyn S. Rardin, Director & Lead Design Consultant From S|365 Consulting + Design, Becomes a Certified Living In Place Professional™ (CLIPP™)

SEATTLE, WA – July 3, 2020 – Jacquelyn S. Rardin, Director & Lead Design Consultant from S|365 Consulting + Design, has earned her Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP™) credential from The Living in Place Institute. CLIPP™ professionals are responsible for the design, architecture, general contracting, and major elements of every project in making residential spaces accessible, comfortable, and safe for all occupants.

“As an interior designer, my role is to ensure designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe and functional for all occupants,” said Rardin. “Earning my Certified Living in Place Professional™ credential enables me to lend significantly more value to a home design or renovation process, where I can more deeply analyze the effectiveness of a design or an existing structure’s ability to meet current and future accessibility, comfort, safety, and wellness goals. This is especially critical in design for Senior Living and Community Housing environments. I am now connected to a world-wide network of professionals and continuing education in driving the importance of designing for living in place.”

Living in Place is the practice of making all homes safe, healthy, and comfortable for everyone.

CLIPP™ professionals represent and guide the future of home design. They incorporate the best principles of universal design, aging-in-place, multi-generational living, wellness, and accessibility.

CLIPP™ graduates include architects, home builders, home remodelers, contractors, kitchen & bath, and interior designers who have learned how to design, build, and remodel homes for people of all abilities. Medical professionals, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, and caregivers learn how to assist their clients in modifying their homes to reflect their accessibility needs and work directly with housing professionals.

About S|365 Consulting + Design (S|365)

Partnering with real estate brokers, developers, non-profit organizations, and communities since 2005, S|365 Consulting + Design is a Seattle-based consultancy and interior design firm specializing in senior living, community housing, and multi-family solutions. Guided by a collaborative process and exceptional service, S|365 brings fully integrated strategic design solutions and vision to the development and renovation of spaces and daily operations, leading to increased occupancy, fluid processes, and sustainable outcomes. www.s365cd.com.

About The Living In Place Institute
The focus of The Living In Place Institute  is to provide education and awareness to the housing, medical, and all related industries to improve safety, health, and comfort in all homes for persons of all needs and ages. The Living in Place Institute provides advanced education and awareness programs creating a global network that: 1. Meets the business needs of the design and medical professionals who work with each other and directly for their end clients, 2. Encourage the continuing development and supply of products, as well as providing invaluable access to support services to other participating professionals and the end client, and 3. Provide practical application education to professionals who work in homes installing designs, products, and services recommended by other members of the network. https://livinginplace.institute/index.php

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